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elfstedentocht, alles uit de kist, gasthuis producties, ipad, ibooks author, interactieve eBooks, eBooks, interactief, ipad op schoolFor several years it has been possible to purchase eBooks from he iBookstore. These are books designed for the abler which are also available in paper version in bookshops.

Aside reading the book, you can also experience it interactively. Yet not all eBooks are alike. Not all possibilities are put to use in many of these books. Often it is merely a carbon copy of the printed version.

Gasthuis Producties develops and produces special editions for the iPad and iMac. All interactive possibilities are used in such a way that they actually add something valuable to the text.

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  • Understandable, easily readable text
  • Audio book
  • In-depth expalnation for those wishing know more
  • Pop-ups
  • Video
  • Audio fragments
  • Photo albums
  • Interactive timelines
  • Animation
  • 3D objects
  • Test yourself in the form of instruction cards or a quiz
  • Games, including but not limited to word search, sliding puzzles, mazes, spot the differences

In short, our eBooks can be read, of course, but they also provide a wide range of possibilities such as reading, watching, tests and activities.

Are you interested in learning more about the possibilities for your company or organization? Please feel free to contact us.