We would like to introduce myself. We, Johan Wagenaar and Gerben Kalkman, 2 people have joined forces recently from teaching. Both have their own business T.W. It âlderserf and Hospital Productions.

Together we produce multi-touch eBooks and online audio guides. The eBooks are suitable for iPad, iPad mini-en MacBook Pro. The audio guides can be used on any mobile platform. Both interactive media products can be developed fully to the client's wishes.

The multi-touch eBooks and audio guides are very suitable to reach a wide audience in an interactive way, For example, for your heritage institution, museum (tour or digital scavenger hunt), exhibition, education (as a lesson or making a speech), presentation or home. EBooks and audio guides can serve as preparation for a visit to your heritage institution, can be used during the visit, but even after.

Both media products to develop for schools, that this will be eager to visit your heritage institution, but also for everyone who is interested in the cultural heritage.


Students are taught in a fun way about the (intangible) Cultural Heritage. Because it can be carried out in several languages, it will also be of interest to tourists. The possibilities are endless!

The final result is managed by the client, which can decide how it is spread. At any time, an update can be performed.


If you have an audio tour full interactivity for your heritage institution, museum, exhibition, education, or walking looking, what could be nicer with a smart-phone to follow the tour of everything you have to offer. You do not need physical guide, because the visitor can listen to his audio tour on any mobile platform. It is also home to listen to the computer and can be downloaded for free on the smartphone. What is useful, your organization might not have public wifi.

smartphone mueseum

In consultation with our clients we develop audio guides on any subject to size. There are endless possibilities, such as: No limit on amount of information, up to date (to adjust at any time), freely accessible, large range (Internet is available worldwide), The audio guides are free to distribute or fee.

Multi touch eBook

Why an expensive app as it is also possible to make use of multi-touch eBooks which are lower in development. These books are packed with interactivity, which does not serve so much as a target, but as a means of.

In consultation with our clients, we develop on any subject multi-touch custom eBooks. There are endless possibilities as: No limit on amount of information, up to date (to adjust at any time), large range (iBookstore is available worldwide), the books are free to distribute or fee.

The strength of the book lies in the interactive and meets all the reading experience of the modern age. Reading on the iPad, iPad mini or Mac is suitable for a wide audience, both young and old. All interactive features add value to the text. Examples include:

Audiobook, photo-albums, interactive timelines, digital scavenger hunt, animations, floor, 3d objects, Pop-ups, video, Testing of self-knowledge and games

Below you can get an idea of ​​interactivity, Click and try.